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Arms and armour

Between October 3 and the end of the month, the main part of our Arms and Armour Gallery will not be accessible to the public.

This temporary closure leads up to the reopening of the complete gallery in the fall of 2022. After more than a decade visitors will then once again be able to admire the entire collection... More info here!

Eight centuries of armament history

This gallery presents you with a spectacular collection of armour, swords and other medieval weaponry. The ensemble shows the evolution of armament between the year 1000 and the 18th century. Weapons are often state-of-the-art, and ancient weapons, whether edged weapons, early firearms or artillery, are no different in this respect.

drie harnassen

The main part of this collection came down to us from the dukes of Burgundy and the Spanish Habsburgs. The latter experienced their heyday under Charles V (1500-1558), who ruled his “empire where the sun never set” from, among other places, the Coudenberg palace in Brussels.

Weapons were not deployed in warfare only. They were also used for leisure or as status symbols. The many hunting and tournament weapons in the set-up bear witness to this, as does, for example, the splendid child’s armour you will find in this room as well.