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Exhibition - "Big guns, only smaller"

"Ready to travel through time?! Have a joyful adventure!" - Boomy

Exhibition - "Big guns, only smaller"

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Cinquantenaire Parc 3
1000 Brussels

Exhibition - Big guns, only smaller

Not for Kids only

This summer at the Royal Military Museum!

This summer, the Military Museum welcomes a new temporary exhibition! A series of miniature artillery, illustrating a military history spanning 25 centuries, makes its appearance in the Bordiau Hall. This magnificent collection of more than 500 miniatures in lead, wood, metal and plastic shows a long evolution through time, starting with the Greek catapult in the 4th century and ending with the cannons and missiles still in use today. The small guns reflect reality as accurately as possible and give a nice overview of the types of weapons that existed throughout time.

Discover this wonderful exhibition through an elaborate trail full of fun questions and interesting anecdotes! 

Ready to travel through time?!

Practical information

28 June 2024 - 29 September 2024


In the Bordiau Hall of the Royal Military Museum


Free tour, with a booklet available at the museum reception desk


Included in a ticket to the Royal Military Museum