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2020-05-18 ... 2020-06-30

The War Heritage Institute gradually reopens its sites. The command bunker of Kemmelberg (Heuvelland), Bastogne Barracks (Bastogne), Gunfire (Brasschaat) and the Documentation Centre (Brussels) remain closed to the public for the time being. We will of course inform you of all changes in this situation, but do not hesitate to (re)visit the Royal Military Museum (Brussels), the Trench of Death (Dixmude) or the National Memorial of Fort Breendonk (Willebroek).   

2020-03-13 ... 2020-05-14

Updated on April 25

On Thursday 12 March the National Security Council and the federal government took additional measures in an effort to curb the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) in our country. Among other measures, and as a sanitary precaution, gatherings in confined spaces are forbidden and “social distance” is recommended.

The War Heritage Institute will therefore be closed to visitors through May 18th. This decision with immediate effect is applied to our six sites (i.e.: Royal Military Museum...

2020-03-31 ... 2020-05-14

Our 6 sites had to close their doors, but our teams keep calm and carry on during the confinement. Historians and collection managers prepare future exhibitions, the administrative services provide constant follow-up, the security teams guard our precious possessions, … while waiting for your next visit.

The situation is exceptional and we do our utmost to keep in touch with you all. We know that a direct confrontation with an object from the past indeed remains priceless, but the institution nevertheless wishes to maintain its activity and to surprise you in these trying times....

2020-04-20 ... 2020-05-14

Not always easy to keep children busy in these times of confinement.
That is why we suggest the following: have your budding artists draw their visions of the Military Museum. 

Our collections are extremely varied: from the knight’s armour to the F-16, over Napoleonic musical instruments, colourful 19th century uniforms, world war equipment or the scale- model of the Belgica caught in polar ice. 

If you already visited the Museum, your children can draw on their souvenirs. If not, you can discover our collections on this site or on the Internet, as numerous photographers...

2020-03-14 ... 2020-03-15

Event Cancelled




The winds of liberation will blow through the Royal Military Museum on Saturday 14 March 2020! Our extensive collections and the prestigious Bordiau Gallery are the ingredients for an amazing night focusing on liberation!

The starting point is the liberation of Belgium in September 1944 (also the subject of the new exhibition War-Occupation-Liberation) and LIBERATION NIGHT (FEVER) is the perfect excuse to experience the exhilarating ambiance of liberation. Fashion, games...